Top 10 Ayurvedic Benefits of Aloe Vera

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Top 10 Ayurvedic Benefits of Aloe Vera

If you haven’t heard of Aloe Vera, you could well be from another planet! It’s been recognized by practically every form of medication be it Ayurvedic, Unani, Persian or English medication. Right from Europe thru Africa to Japan, history over 1000 years has documented this one plant as having the maximum number of positive factors which works incredibly in favour of humanity when used the right way.

This is of the succulent and mucilaginous plant species and is said to grow up to 40 inches in height. Yes, in ideal conditions, it can grow up to 3 feet +! It does not have a stem and the leaves from which the Aloe Vera gel is extracted seems to be all i.e., part of the trunk, stem, branch and leaf. Being a plant predominantly grown in dry conditions, it is conditioned to use very little water despite which the leaves/ stem/ branches are thick and spongy with a clear and transparent gel. It is this gel which is used worldwide for hundreds of things.

As for its medicinal properties, we mention a few below:

1. It is nature’s perfect cure to take care of digestion-related issues
Aloe vera juice is a  known laxative which means they sooth. As such they are the perfect medication to those with stomach ulcers. Also, the gel is said to aid in the production of favourable stomach bacteria which additionally helps us digest food better. For those who have difficulty digesting food due to reduced quantities of bile (pitta), drinking aloe-vera juice is very advisable.

2. It’s one of the most natural remedies to reduce inflammation be it external or internal Be it inflammation in the gut or on the skin due to rashes, bites, allergies or any other reason, your most likely cure could be aloe-vera.

A German study has concluded that aloe-vera does have inflammation reducing properties also when the skin is exposed to UV rays.

Speaking of inflammation, one group making the most of aloe-vera could be diabetics whose condition results in poor anti-inflammatory capabilities which can best be addressed using aloe-vera in juice form.

The arthritic who have frequent joint pains due to inflammation too get relief on using and consuming aloe-vera.

3. Remove toxins from the body entirely!
Aloe-vera juice is a great detox as it is said to flush out all harmful toxins within a very short while. And in doing so, it also helps the liver by reducing the building up of cholesterol there! The liver thus remains in great shape!

Known to be one of the best naturally available laxatives, taking it regularly is one of the best ways to remove toxins in the natural way.

4. The road to weight-loss opens to those regularly consuming aloe vera!
Weight-gain is not simply putting on weight. Weight gain sends signals to the body that not everything is OK. The body fights back with inflammation internally and then things go from bad to worse. Weight-gain in most cases is due to bad lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking, bad foods etc. And in these, aloe-vera helps greatly! To reduce inflammations!

So for weight-loss, you surely know what to drink! Aloe-vera juice!

5. Keep blood-sugar levels in the right range!
Studies have shown that Aloe-vera contains elements such as chromium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese. All these are known to help keep blood-sugar in control within the right amount. Consuming aloe-vera juice at regular intervals as such can greatly affect those with diabetes and other kinds of insulin resistance-related issues.

6. Improves alkalinity as a cure for acidity and pitta!
Most foods in their natural state are alkaline and if left that way, would go a long way in keeping our bodies fit. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Processed foods we consume (and we consume it all the time and in huge quantities!) are acidic in nature and over time are the main cause of issues such as peptic ulcers and other internal problems. The most potent cure for all acidic foods is the daily consumption of aloe-vera, be it in juice form or otherwise.

7. Mother Nature’s # 1 skin-care lotion!
Where it is about soothing the skin, be it because of wounds or due to eczema, dandruff, skin ulcers, sunburn, practically anything affecting your skin externally, you couldn’t find a better friend than aloe-vera.

It is greasy, gel-like and thus helps retain moisture- the one thing that skin requires for most of its issues which comes from dryness.

Not only cuts, burns and abrasions, even stretch-marks which arrive when you lose weight gradually disappear in the presence of aloe-vera when used regularly. Psoriasis, a very tough skin condition also gets cured by regular application of aloe-vera. For the beauty conscious among us, there is nothing like Aloe-vera gel to use a hydrating mask. After a day covered in make-up, relieve your skin under a face-pack of aloe-vera, milk and lemon. Just let it sit for a minute and rinse it off to look great…and young!

These then are some of Aloe-vera’s awesome properties and way by which this humble plant has enhanced human lives over centuries.

If you are still not into it, it’s time you did! You would have a million reason to rejoice. And not only ten!

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Disclaimer :

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