Panchkarma to Detox Body for Conceiving

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Panchkarma to Detox Body for Conceiving

There is none as fertile as Mother Earth. And the biggest example of this are trees and plants which grow practically anywhere. Take for instance the Peepal tree. It can grow anyplace it finds nutrition – even in the tiniest of cracks in the highest of buildings. For it to grow, the first condition is that the seed should be sound. As for nutrition, it needs just that bit of moisture in the surroundings and some soil which comes about in the form of dust.

Looking around, one realizes the same is the most ideal situation that can exist for most beings including us humans. We are after all in this world to be part of this ecosystem and contribute to its growth, development and diversity. In doing so, humans needs to produce i.e., increase their numbers as is expected of them. Myriad means exist to aid the process of procreation. Some wanted, others purely a whim. In the list of “wanted” means to help humans in the art and craft of conceiving, Ayurveda plays a stellar role.

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian order of medication & healthy living prescribes rigors, diets, thoughts and means to every physiological problems faced by people in the Indian sub-continent. At Recova Life, we try and adhere to all its tenets to the extent possible. It’s spirit is important to us. So too its form!

As for issues faced in conception, Ayurveda more than one remedy, including the very act of going the family way! In all these remedies if there is a central idea, it is the removal of toxins which build up in our bodies over time irrespective of living styles, age and abilities. These days the term in English is “Detox”. Ayurveda calls it “Panchakarma”.

Ayurveda describes every living being to be a composite of seven (07) dhatus or elements which include plasma (rasa), blood (rakta), muscle (mamsa), fat (medas), bone (asthi), marrow / nerve (majja) and reproductive tissue (shukra).

Of these, the last ie shukra is directly responsible for fertility and is an indicator of the same in both males and females. It is that element which is at the core of the production of sperms in men. In women, it takes care of things like the ova, the uterus and element that are either part of or aid in conception. It is not as though the others six elements do not matter in conception. In fact, even Shukra’s health itself is a condition which comes about due to the health of the other six.

Going forward, the idea of conception depends upon the healthy existence of four elements namely:

  • Timing (ritu/ season): For a woman, beginning of ovulation is the time when the egg forms and she is most fertile for conception. This occurs when her menstrual cycles are correct and things at home and surroundings are stress-free and happy. No fights, job-stresses, peace and happiness all around- including the right season which is Spring i.e., just after winters and before India’s blistering heat starts off.
  • The area (kshetra): Kshetra here implies that portion of the female body which finally processes things for a foetus to form. The uterus, fallopian tube and the egg itself constitutes the “kshetra” whose health finally determines whether pregnancy continues and if so, the exact health of the foetus.
  • Nutrition (ambu): Good and nutritious food intake is understandable but what specifically Ayurveda points to is the existing state of blood, plasma, hormones and other liquids which are of vital importance and which need to be cultivated to get in right quantities.
  • The seed (bija/sperms): This applies equally to both the sexes. In men, it talks of the sperm’s quality, quantity as also the state of the man to indulge in (or refrain from) the act. In women, it refers to “stree beej i.e., the ovum whose quality depends on the presence of certain hormones.

Ayurveda through Panchakarma prescribes specific remedies for each of the above element such that in unison they create the most ideal of states for a couple to conceive. They include:

  • Emotional cleansing: Conception even in its normal order is a stressful situation to be in. Besides bodily changes, a woman goes through loads of physical and chemical changes which add to her frequent and unexplained mood-swings and inexplicable wants and cravings. In the Indian context, given our rather emotional ways in dealing with every element in life, a woman planning or conceiving just adds to the emotional baggage. Panchakarma prescribes proper counselling to both the partners to make them tide over the moment in the right spirit. It also prescribes self-healing techniques to both the partners to reflect on issues giving rise to their emotions and dealing with it in a reflective manner after giving it adequate thoughts. Sincere analysis of a situation, its positives and negatives results in complete elimination of toxins which affect the mind.
  • Spiritual cleansing: We carry baggage throughout our lives which comes to us due to our past and our nature of not giving them up. Anger, envy, greed, unusual attachment, ego and pride are its usual form. They create a hell of a lot of negativity. And the last time we want them around is when we want to start a family. With an intention of putting an end to our nature of carrying baggage, Panchakarma has a range of prayers, affirmations and homas which need to be done with unerring regularity such that they become second nature and we put all our negativities aside for good. These practices start early and continue into the day and in the process instil confidence in us while taking away our ill feelings and negativities.
  • Physical cleaning: It is here onwards that Ayurveda through Panchakarma truly comes on its own. It is a known fact that what goes in decides what comes out. That being the case, Panchakarma prescribes going easy on the usual suspects i.e., gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol and increase ones intake of prescribes easy-to-digest foods in well-established mediums as ghee (clarified butter) and various herbal oils. The Indian dish, Khichadi, called variously in India and made using locally-available lentils, pulses, grains and vegetables with a dash of ghee in most cases, is one of the most ideal food for those practicing Panchakarma and expecting physical cleaning for conception.
  • Besides this, a regime of yoga and exercises too are prescribed depending upon the person’s ability to take up such rigors. The physical cleaning element of Panchakarma in Ayurveda like the rest of Ayurvedic prescriptions is tailor made as per an individual’s physical and mental conditions. In addition, with the increase in the body’s ability to withstand rigors of a certain kind, it is time to go to the next level which should ideally continue till the stage a Ayurvedacharya or Medical Practitioner deems fit.
  • In addition Ayurvedic preparations such as Dashmool decoctions, Harda, Triphala etc may be prescribed to individuals for stronger and better cleaning of the internal organs and evacuation of the bowels.
  • A point which needs to be put across to everyone practicing Panchakarma with the intention of inducing conception is that they may have to abstain from sex at prescribed points in the program. It would be best to get the same clarified from one’s Ayurvedacharya or Medical Practitioner.
  • Balancing the Doshas: Panchakarma to promote and/ or induce conception is a balancing act between staying calm on the one hand and keeping the Dosha-related fires alive on the other.
  • Yogic postures and practices such as sitting crossed legged, breathing the right way, lying down calmly etc are ways by which a level of physical, mental and emotional tranquillity can be achieved. As for the doshas, it is mostly foods and Ayurvedic preparations like various “kadas” and “arks” of herbs, potions and plant-extracts that shall do the needful.

In all, Panchakarma with its multi-pronged approach towards detoxification is probably the best way to cleanse and ready the body of a couple intending to start a family. The offspring thus born, where everything goes as planned and with the blessing of the Almighty, should be healthy, lively and of great mental capacities!


I hope you find this article interesting and informative. All that has gone in has to do with my 20+ years of experience wherein I have treated all manner of people with all manner of complications. If there is anything that you want to know about Ayurveda, do visit our website

Disclaimer :

This article is meant solely to provide information about remedies under Ayurveda and is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
Where the reader or any other person has chronic and/or dire health issues, it is advisable to consult a trained and certified medical practitioner for a complete and comprehensive diagnosis which can address the underlying issues effectively.
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With respect to the consumption of any herbs, fruits, vegetables and the likes mentioned here, it would be advisable where you consult a certified medical practitioner for his/her opinion before-hand.

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