Ayurveda for Premature Greying of Hair

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Ayurveda for Premature Greying of Hair

Today grey hair is no more the harbinger of knowledge the way it used to be till a while back. In India, especially in the Hindi belt, there is a saying “not greying the hair under the sun” meaning it was only age which could grey hair. Look up any religious text and there are references aplenty of Sages and Saints – all in grey hair AND all of advanced age with advanced knowledge!

The scene today is entirely different. People, be it man or woman start to develop grey hair as early as in their 20s! This, along with sagging skin and dry rough skin could be signs of early aging and that too at a time when India is thriving economically! Quite a paradox this! When the country is finally finding its feet and its place under the sun, its sons and daughters seem not too happy and content with the way they look- all grey and washed up as though they are already into their mid-life when in reality, life has just begun!

Hi, Dr Madhura Bhide here once again. And today I shall deliberate on what causes grey hair and what my young readers ought to do to keep it black and healthy.

Hair is black due to a chemical pigment called melanin which is the latter’s natural colour. If melanin becomes insufficient in the body, irrespective of reasons, hair starts to appear white. Free-radicals, the culprits which cause oxidation are also a reason for premature hair greying when the hair loses on antioxidants. The other reason for hair greying could include:

  • A genetic make-up which comes from the matrija (maternal) and pitrija (paternal) bhavas (factors) Hormonal & natural chemical changes taking place in the body. This is especially true in women where they are carrying, have delivered or while aging.
  • Severe illnesses including those related to the thyroid glands
  • Bad diet leading to deficiencies in important nutrients like iron and copper
  • Bad diet like excessive consumption of sugars in tea, coffee, soft-drinks, meats, fried, oily and spicy foods etc which give a fillip to the pitta dosha which in itself is one of the causes of greying of hair
  • Substance abuse including tobacco in various forms, alcohol, psychotropic drugs etc
  • Stress, worries and emotional upheavals which cause distress to the body
  • Pollution of the environment all around us which leads to the hair being exposed to harmful chemicals
  • Wrong ways of upkeep of hair using excessive chemical-based dyes, bleaches and colours, excessive blow-drying, or even continued used of hot water on the hair.
  • Less than desirable maintenance of hair or in fact, no maintenance of hair.

From the above it is very obvious that hair can turn white and lose colour for very many reasons with remedies just as many. That being so, we restrict this article to those remedies which involve easily-available herbs which using the knowledge of Ayurveda, can be turned into potent lotions, potions and pastes which bring results fairly fast. Besides being easily available, the other advantage of using herbs itself is the fact that there would be practically no side-effects!

Jojoba oil mixed with castor and mustard oils: Mustard oil, among others possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is great to treat premature hair greying.

Mix a teaspoon of each (in that order depending upon quantum needed) till they become indistinguishable and apply to the root of your hair for maximum benefits while massaging the scalp. Once the concoction is fully used, leave it on the scalp for at least 30 minutes. Wash the head and scalp with warm water and a good & gentle cleanser.

Rosemary and Sage: These have been known in Ayurveda for keeping the colour of hair which means it’s been around for some time now! What you need to know is to do mix half-a-cup each of sage and rosemary in a vessel and leave it overnight for them to mix and blend. In the morning, mix the contents thoroughly and apply to the scalp and hair in its thick form. Leave it to dry and form flakes. Wash the remnants with very delicate shampoo. Repeat every week till the time you are satisfied with the results.

Amla and Methi: Both these ingredients form one of the best form of protection against hair greying. Amla is a known antioxidant and Methi is full of vitamin C. Both these go a long way. Long way in reversing hair greying besides the general improvement of hair condition. Besides, these are an abundance of Iron, potassium, and alkalies that do wonders to hair. In the presence of these, hair follicle become enhanced and rich in the presence of nutrients and moisture.

Juice of a Lemon juice and Almond oil: This combination too is good to keep the scalp nourished besides keeping hair from going grey early. And all this is because almonds form one of the richest things in antioxidant vitamin E and lemons, as we are all aware is a superb source of Vit C & B and phosphorous – all of which nourish the hair roots and keep them from greying.

They are fairly simple to use. Mix juice from one lemon and two tablespoons of almond oil and apply to the scalp vigorously. Wait for an hour and then wash with a gentle shampoo.

Curry leaves and coconut oil: A blend of curry leaves and coconut oil works as an excellent hair tonic to induce hair growth and reverse back hair pigmentation and all this is because both its elements are in nutrition!

Curry leaves are heavy in beta-carotene and proteins both of which go to reverse hair loss. Its amino acids and antioxidants provide reinforcement to hair follicles and it also takes away the dead ones. Coconut oil, as we all know is one’s of nature’s best moisturizer and conditioner!

Together, they do magic! They turn your hair black and keep them that way!

How to use it? Heat 2 table-spoons of coconut-oil and add 2t o 3 strands of curry leaves to it. Let it stew for a very short while and then cool it till it goes warm. Stir the concoction and massage it to the hair roots. Let it stand for a minimum of half-an-hours after which wash it off with a very light shampoo and water which is just a tinge warm The above application 2-3 times a week should in time get your hair-colour back for good!

There goes my dear readers! The above options, if used judiciously, should get your hair-colour back. And get it fairly fast! For more interesting articles on how Ayurveda can help your health do visit www.recovalife.com. You could also visit #roadtorecova.

Disclaimer :

This article is meant solely to provide information about remedies under Ayurveda and is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
Where the reader or any other person has chronic and/or dire health issues, it is advisable to consult a trained and certified medical practitioner for a complete and comprehensive diagnosis which can address the underlying issues effectively.
Recova Life and its constituents are also certified medical practitioners who can be consulted. Our numbers are +91 83800-16119 and Email ID atul@recovalife.com
With respect to the consumption of any herbs, fruits, vegetables and the likes mentioned here, it would be advisable where you consult a certified medical practitioner for his/her opinion before-hand.

Madhura Bhide
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