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What Is Suvarna Prashana in Pune?

A child when born is like a clean slate, an unpainted canvas, a pure and noble soul. It is the conditioning and conditions existing around us that shape the child and his/ her destiny. Qualities of one’s parents both good or bad sometimes get negated due to prevailing circumstances and the general environment. The best way to bring up a child while keeping the best qualities of the parents while keeping out the bad, are the 16 Sanskaras, what the Vedic times spoke about. It comes into effect much before the child is even conceived and goes on till the end of a person’s life. By adhering to its principles to the extent possible, it is possible to live a life of virtue, vitality and virility!

One among these important “Samskaras” is that of imbibing the child at a very young age with health-giving potions right from birth through 12 years of age. Due to this, the child’s mind, body, heart and aatma (soul) are charged with the right qualities.

They achieve good health of every part of the body and its organs, good and positive thought process including the ability to think critically and correctly irrespective of circumstances, and a positive destiny. 

Suvarnaprashan is thus the ceremonial initiation of a child into the world of good health and spirits as per the tenets of Ayurveda. It is quite like the other Sanskaras such as Namakarana (naming ceremony), Annaprashana (initiation into solid foods), and Upanayan and Vedarambha (initiation into education). Today it is a known activity which most known Ayurvedacharyas and Ayurvedic Clinics hold at regular times. The results, too have been promising in terms of mental and physical growth of the child.

In its purest form as described in Ayurveda, Suvarnaprashan in Pune is a mix of the purest form of gold (24 carats) in small quantities and pure cow-milk ghee derived in the traditional way. The latter i.e., cow’s milk ghee is of the purest kind known to Ayurveda for centuries for all its life-enhancing properties. 

Every element of Suvarnaprashan in Pune is special. It is a time-tested life-enhancer which is said to enhance and fortify the child’s growth and well-being right at the very beginning of life. Instead of worrying about cures at a later stage, when most conditions settle down and treatment becomes tough, parents ought to prevent them at the very beginning. Prevention is always better than cure. 

To get the most of Suvarnaprashan’s life-enhancing properties, it is best that it be given to the child on the day of Pushya Nakshatra which falls in the calendar every month after 27 days. This day is said to be astrologically blessed and the effect of the medication is heightened as compared to other days and if given on this day, the effect on the child is very visible.

We know your children are precious. As precious as gold.

So, give them the power of gold and see their future shine forever!

Suvarnaprashan in Pune is one of the sixteen ‘Sanskar’ (rituals) which are described in ancient Indian scriptural. Suvarna Prashan is a unique method of immunization which helps the children to boost up the usage of brain capacity and produces non specific immunity in body to fight against general disorders.

Benefits of Suvarna Prashan


Increases Immunity


Enhances Memory


Improves digestion and metabolism


Who Should take Suvarna Prashana ?

It should be given to children from 1st day of birth to 12 years old.


Dates for Suvarna Prashana

January 12 (Sunday), February 08 (Saturday), March 06 (Friday), April 03 (Friday), April 30 (Thursday), May 27 (Wednesday), June 24 (Wednesday), July 21 (Tuesday), August 17 (Monday), September 14 (Monday), October 11 (Sunday), November 07 (Saturday), December 05 (Saturday) and December 31 (Thursday)

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