Prakruti Analysis

You were born unique! And what makes you unique is your “Prakruti” whose equivalent otherwise is your “DNA”, your genetics! Each one of us has been designed by nature to be different despite outward similarities. Our uniqueness starts right from the time of our birth.

Ayurveda prescribes medicines and alternations based on one’s “Prakruti” which is itself based on our body constitution which has seven parts, and the most fundamental of reasons and conditions called “Doshas” which affects every living being.

Of three kinds, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, Doshas affect us in varying degrees and change due to many reasons.

Thus medicines under Ayurveda are NEVER standardized across conditions/ ailments. Each are treated on their individual merits and demerits.

The questionnaire below is designed to map your entire constitution right from your birth into the present so that we have an exact idea of your “Prakruti” and prescribe medicines and consultations accordingly.

Do note that the more information you give us, the better would be your ““Prakruti” analysis and so too our chances of helping you lead a happy, harmonious and long life!
Go ahead. Life awaits you!