Perfecting Patience with Meditation

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Perfecting Patience with Meditation

Life and stress are like two sides of a coin. One cannot exist without the other. To live life, one has to take stresses. The important point is to know how much stress one can take and how to handle the same in a manner which gets you your goal and let you live a beautiful life.

Hi, this is Mr. Atul Bhide of Recova Life and today I shall tell you more about how to develop patience to handle life’s stresses with the use of meditation.

Let us first understand what stress is and some situations which lead to it. From the time we open our eyes to the time we go to sleep, we have to consciously handle situations which require us to go beyond our physical, mental and emotional capacities. In these situations, we feel the build-up of certain unhealthy pressures be it physical (on our heart and brains) or emotional which beyond a certain stage can be fatal if not treated at the right time.

In most cases, these pressures arise because we are compelled to (targets in sales, performance pressures etc) or feel the need to (trying to get out of a bad situation or helping others in a similar situation) act upon conditions which are either way beyond our capacities or are such that despite our best efforts, the results are much less than expected (failing exams, failing relationships etc).

The end result of all this is the constant feeling of being under pressure and pain. You do not enjoy life as it passes by and wait for the right moment which never arrives which just adds to the feeling of pain. The simple pleasures of life are given up to gain something “big”. And when the “big” arrives, you don’t really relish it! Besides feeling pressured constantly, it can lead to major health issues if not treated on time like heart strokes, cardiac arrest etc.

This feeling of constantly being under pressure is not something new. It has been around for hundreds of years. The difference is that today all of us have to face it. Back then, it was only the few like Kings, Generals etc. Surprisingly, our ancient Rishis had even then found a near-perfect cure for stress. Using Meditation, they helped people build Patience!

Meditation, as we all know, is about reflecting in a calm manner while cutting out the outer environment from one’s thoughts. It has various forms with each form having its own way of reflecting and building patience.

1. Focus Meditation: Here we focus on a feeling (like breathing), a word or set of words (chanting), an object (a flame) or even a sound (a chant being played out). With distractions out of the way, we concentrate on just one thing and get our breath right. With time, we build the patience to continue to meditate which helps us focus stronger, better and longer.

2. Mindfulness Meditation: Here we increase awareness of what we are doing and move our focus from a single object to things happening inside or outside of us at a given moment. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, smells, sounds etc we observe without getting judgmental like being good, bad, pleasant or painful or even neutral. With time, we build the patience to understand our situation and respond in the required manner instead of reacting in a pre-set, automated way.

3. Compassionate Meditation: This is a kind of meditation which opens our attention to the positives in a situation or a person and thus makes our response more inclusive. We silently and patiently reflect on the manner in which we think and treat ourselves and those close to us, and even to those with whom we share a strained relation. In doing so, we stress on the positives and practice gratitude in a stepped manner first towards ourselves and then towards our dear ones and lastly the world at large. In doing so, we build patience in ourselves to deal with everyone in a just and positive manner while realising everyone’s shortcomings and limitations.

Meditation is thus probably the best way to build patience. With our breath under control, our mind too calms down. And that is precisely the time we start to think, reflect and judge in the most appropriate manner for the right outcome!

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Madhura Bhide
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