Heal your Skin with Ayurveda

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Heal your Skin with Ayurveda

Somethings don’t change with time. Some don’t change at all. Of these skin-care is one. Be it our ancients who came up with an exacting medical & life-care science called Ayurveda, or the present-day humans and even going forward till the earth and sun are around our skin will be exposed to the elements, to our doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha and to the after-effects of whatever we feed ourselves with.

If there is one thing which does remain stable, it’s our need to constantly take care of our skin, and by extension, ourselves. Doing so guarantees longevity, vitality, beside of course looking good! The last in any case is something most Indians of the certain age and culture were averse to. Things though are changing. The younger generation wants to live life right here and now and for them looking good at all times is very important. We can’t blame them. They live in an age of looks!

From my 2 decades of experience in dispensing Ayurvedic remedies for all of life’s problems, it is clear to me that the ONLY way to treat skin and treat it for all times to come, is with the use of Ayurveda ie the science of involving elements of the surrounding eco-system to find solutions for health issues and where there is no concept of “one-size-fits-all”. Your constitution and dosha type finally decide the route to be taken. And that too changes as per conditions and seasons! It may sound complicated but believe me, it isn’t!

Hi, I am Dr Madhura Bhide, and mentioned below are some of my oft-given tips to keep your skin glowing at all times- mind you, if your conditions persist, Recova Life in Pune should be the right place to have a consultation!

1. Eat right!

With the rains all but gone and given the likely October-November heat, your skin is sure to feel very, very dry, scaly and itchy. This is part of Vata dosha which itself is about movement & transition and its signs are dryness and feeling light. This is a natural occurrence at this time with the weather transitioning from rains to winters. Eat foods with natural fats and oils like flax seeds, almonds, sunflower-seeds and ground-nuts in small quantities with your normal meals. Their oils shall take care of the dryness from within.

2. Sleep for recommended number of hours!

Vata Dosha which is about movement can tire anyone! That, and the sudden turn in temperatures can sap your energies pretty fast. Ideally, it should be lights-out when the lights go out at sunset but then life has moved on from sunrise and sunset to whatever life demands irrespective of sunlight hours. BUT, despite everything, you should sleep for at least 7 hours. It aids in proper digestion of your foods and it shows right back on your skin! If sleeping seems a problem, do your complement of yogic poses like shavasan, meditation and deep breathing. That should see you sleep like a baby!

3. A massage once a week does wonders to the skin!

Where Ayurveda differs from all the others is in its range of massages for every season, occasion and reason. For Vata Dosha in this season too, the Abhyanga is the best solution. Coconut oil ,Sesame oil or Almond oil if used for your weekly massage can make the skin feel soft, nourished and welcoming. Besides stimulating blood flows and helping push toxins to the surface of the skin, in women it helps reduce water absorption considerably. And for those with sleep issues, this is nothing short of a double bonanza!

4. Never forget your morning exercise/ Vyayam!

Exercises of any kind includes stretching and resistance which builds muscle firmness, gives tone and shape to the body and causes toxins (ama) to be burnt. A Vata dosha person with his/ her bent towards movements, is naturally inclined towards exercise and in a sense is good for skin care as it causes toxins to be flushed out, skin to be stretched and sweat to be formed which is a natural moisturizer. What needs to be taken care of is how much to exercise. Too much and it can cause injuries. Too little and it won’t affect!

5. Hydrating the skin!

Our skin needs to be hydrated to remain humane! If you ever come across people from dry climates, the first thing you observe is the sheer damage to their skin due to dryness and all the signs of early ageing. Oral intake of Medicated ghee does wonders to the skin. Add to that the season and its ruling Vata, i.e., Kapha and what you ideally need is a constant supply of warm healthy liquids, be it concoctions of herbs, tea, herbal tea or the likes throughout your waking hours! For more remedies, I suggest you visit us at Recovalife.

The above are some of my most advised tips for skin-care during this season when it is turning hot and dry. Ideally, these should take care of normal issues. For those that don’t, it just might be an indication of deeper malaise which I am sure can be more than addressed at Recova Life!

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Disclaimer :

This article is meant solely to provide information about remedies under Ayurveda and is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
Where the reader or any other person has chronic and/or dire health issues, it is advisable to consult a trained and certified medical practitioner for a complete and comprehensive diagnosis which can address the underlying issues effectively.
Recova Life and its constituents are also certified medical practitioners who can be consulted. Our numbers are +91 83800-16119 and Email ID atul@recovalife.com
With respect to the consumption of any herbs, fruits, vegetables and the likes mentioned here, it would be advisable where you consult a certified medical practitioner for his/her opinion before-hand.

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