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Ayurvediy Masala

Sometimes just the smell of certain foods and preparations makes us salivate and induces hunger in us. In most cases, the smell which induces us is that of the “masalas” which are added to the preparation. Such “masalas” and condiments add not just to the smell of the eatables but also to its looks, texture and taste. It’s for precisely these reasons that our markets overflow with these masalas and condiments. Their positives aside, these masalas should be added only in limited and needed quantities and never too much. Going overboard can cause severe medical problems which these days have been observed in people of all ages in the form of a burning sensation, frequent vomiting, headaches, nausea to name a few. If such things occur so frequent, what purpose do they serve in the first place?

Where Indian foods with their variety differ from the “bland” western food is the consistent use of these masalas and additives which make the taste very different and obviously good. Talking about good, the one good thing (there are plenty actually!) about Indian food is that it does not give the eater constipation, a way of life in the west. On the issue of constipation, our ancients promoted certain foods for millennia which were known to clear bowls effectively and efficiently and promote health. Where the India of today differs from the past is that then these masalas were prepared at home. Now, it’s done in factories keeping economic conditions in mind which makes the use of preservatives, harmful as they are, quite normal.

Masalas from the very beginning were meant to supplement digestion by stoking the digestive fires that lie in our stomach to their optimum levels. This precisely is the reason Ayurveda has an elaborate description of masalas and how best to consume them be it in the normal course or to treat specific medical conditions. Their significance today is more than ever in the past given that our lives have shifted pace significantly with timings of food gone off-track and shift duties and busy schedules being part of normal life.

In the normal order these days, issues such as bloating, flatulence, stomach-aches, constipation, and loose-motions seem our constant companions. The shocking part is that we seem to accept it as such and treat it with very little thought whereas the antidotes in most cases are right under our noses: Ayurveda with its stress on Masalas!

Another issue is of worms which affect everyone be it young or old alike. In most cases, the reason could be bad toilet habits or eating of unclean food and in most cases, outside the home. Here too Ayurveda has cure.

Fever is one occurrence when the sufferer, old or young loses the taste of foods. In such times, instead of depending upon bottled medicines or capsules, one should ideally make a mix of warm ghee and “masala” and serve it with normal food to bring back the sense of taste.

One does feel like eating something spicy once in a while but don’t do so given the fear the ingredients evoke. In such times, the use of Ayurveda-prescribed masalas in preparing the food helps maintain the taste while remaining to maintain nutrition.

Change of weather can be reason enough for issues such as cough, cold, breathlessness etc. Eating foods rich in Ayurveda-prescribed masalas can help overcome the effects of cough, sore-throat, and breathlessness.

To subdue the effect of Vata and reverse conditions relating to breathing, arthritis, neck, and spine, Ayurveda-prescribed masalas play a great role.

Severe medical conditions like Thyroid, Diabetes, Obesity, Heart-related problems etc also have their origins in digestion-related issues. Poor digestion compounded by conditions like Thyroid does not get resolved easily. Adding to that are things like junk food, foods rich in sugar, spices, oils, excessive use of milk products etc. All these make us very, very sick. It is in these conditions that the correct use of Ayurveda-prescribed masalas helps fuels our digestive fires such that all that we consume gets digested leaving us feeling full of energy and life.

Our skin too tells its own story of what we eat! Conditions like pimples, eczema, and psoriasis etc are the result of eating foods where the characteristics and nature of one element run completely counter (compatibility) to the other like for instance, a “shikran” of milk and bananas, fruit salads, dishes made of “paneer” to name a few. To the extent possible, one should avoid such dishes. Where it seems impossible, one should try and cook the same using Ayurveda-prescribed masalas. In doing so, the ill-effects of such combinations are taken care of by the masalas.

Thinking on these lines, I did come across a thought. What if there is a way to prepare at least some such Ayurveda-prescribed masalas and distribute it amongst our patients right here at our clinic? These would obviously be made under our supervision and would contain no preservatives or added colors and the likes. There would be just one thing: PURITY!

Disclaimer :

This article is meant solely to provide information about remedies under Ayurveda and is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
Where the reader or any other person has chronic and/or dire health issues, it is advisable to consult a trained and certified medical practitioner for a complete and comprehensive diagnosis which can address the underlying issues effectively.
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With respect to the consumption of any herbs, fruits, vegetables and the likes mentioned here, it would be advisable where you consult a certified medical practitioner for his/her opinion before-hand.

Madhura Bhide
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