Ayurvedic Herbs for Glowing Skin

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Ayurvedic Herbs for Glowing Skin

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a flawless, glowing skin? And to get to it, most would easily give a leg and an arm! And then, as if that wasn’t enough, use all the stuff easily available on most shop/ supermarket shelves.
In the end, laden with rashes, erupted skin and plenty of other problems, we slowly look home for alternatives.
Hi, I am Doctor Madhura Bhide of Recova Life and in my 20+years of experience treating all manner of patients with India’s ancient medical practice, Ayurveda, skin problem come to me almost as second nature.
Today I prescribe a set of easily-available plants extracts which used on the skin will bring back your lost glow. And if it isn’t lost, make it positively resplendent!
Haldi (Turmeric)
Mother Nature’s best and most original of anti-aging and anti-bacterial herbs. It purifies blood, reduces skin inflammation as also most skin-related ailments like acne and blemishes. Applied regularly, it slows down signs of aging & adds to one’s glow. In taste, haldi has a pungent smell and bitter to taste and is known to all three “Doshas” quite effectively.
Manner of usage:
–    Exposure to the elements & pollution dullens the skin. To bring back the skin’s radiance, apply to affected parts (skin, neck and forearms), a paste of dry powdered turmeric + masoor daal powder + milk. Leave for 30-40 minutes and then wash with warm water.
–    Exposure to Indian sunlight is sure to give the skin a tan. To remove the tan and bring the skin back to its original form, apply a paste of powdered haldi and lime (nimbu) juice for 30 minutes.

Kesar (Saffron)
Zaffran in Persian & the element which gives Persians & Italians their blemish-free, light-toned and peach-like complexion! A key element therein, Manganese is one hell-ova anti-oxidant which kills free-radicals which hasten aging. With free-radicals being in huge quantities all over, our skin goes through a tough time fending them off. Kesar where used regularly on the face is said to halt the progression of fine-lines and wrinkles as also lightens it considerably.
Manner of usage:
Soak kesar/ saffron pieces/ strips/ slivers in water for a few hours till the color of the water goes golden yellow. Pour in small quantities of untreated milk at room temperature and coconut oil. Stir the concoction completely and apply to ever part of the face. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash your face with warm water. Repeat the same every alternate day.

Sandalwood paste
If there is one tree-extract which has retained its fragrance as also fame from time immemorial as also in Ayurveda, it is the sandalwood! From the time humankind first came across its sensorially attractive smell which sent many into experimenting with its paste, oils and even its nuts and sets, it has now been confirmed by lag tests that it reduces abnormal pigmentation associated with aging and exposure to ultraviolet light i.e., sunlight! It even takes care of fungal infections, inflammation to the skin and is said to even prevent pre-cancerous conditions! It is thus the best and most effective cure for acne, blemishes, scrapes, rashes and similar skin conditions. And best of all, it smells so, so good! Speaking of its smell, it is said to keep bugs and insects away!
At Recova Life, we consider Sandalwood pastes and oils to be one of the oldest, best and most known of skin-care products. It had a great effect on one “Doshas”, specifically Pitta & Kapha which it cools and pacifies.
As for its usage, you may do the following:
–    For normal skin cleansing and hydrating, use the paste of sandalwood.
–    For acne and/ or pimples, make a paste of sandalwood & turmeric and apply on affected areas. Leave for 30-40 minutes and then wash with warm water.
–    For itchy skin, apply paste of sandalwood, turmeric & lime juice to affected area. Leave for 30-40 minutes and then wash with normal water.
–    For sun tan, apply a paste of sandalwood powder/ paste mixed with almond (2 tsp) and coconut oil (6 tsp), liberally to affected area & leave for an hour to remove tan.
As for your near and dear ones, they would be more than happy with you around given the awesome smell you would give off!

Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari)   
Solutions for skin-care can come from very unexpected places sometimes like this one! From dry, desert-like conditions, it looks like the formidable cactus but is part of the lily family. Given its origins, the aloe-vera plant retains water in its leaf in the form of a gel. It’s this gel that humanity calls Aloe Vera! Used for close to 2000 years, it’s one reasons Ayurveda recognizes it as one of the best naturally available panacea for skin problems like fungus, inflammation, ruptures etc. due to the presence of polysaccharides which help in binding moisture into the skin making it more elastic & supple and less wrinkled and flaky. It also helps tighten skin pores which helps keep moisture intact and the skin cool.
It has a pungent smell, is cold to the feeling and helps pacify Pitta and Kapha Doshas
As for its usage, you may do the following:
–    If you are lucky to a plant close-by, pluck a few leaves, cut it open & use the gel directly on the skin as a moisturizer! If you intend putting makeup, this could be the ideal foundation. Applied directly & left on the skin, it helps reduce dark spots and patches.
–    It forms part of excellent face-packs when used with pulp of other fruits!
–    Other forms of face-packs could include aloe vera pulp/ gel mixed with liberal dose of almond/ walnut oils.

It’s remarkable that our ancients knew things we know only now! And in skin-care Ayurveda heavily prescribes almond oil for a smooth, supple skin. Recent investigations reveal the reason. Close to 90% of almond oil is unsaturated fatty acids and right quantity of Vitamin E, the stuffs we most need to cure moisture related skin problems!
As for its usage, being naturally very close to the skin’s texture, it gets absorbed easily. So, just apply a teaspoon full directly on every morning and let the world remain thunderstruck with your looks!
So, my dear readers, if there is anything that you want to know about Ayurveda, do visit our website www.recovalife.com

Disclaimer :

This article is meant solely to provide information about remedies under Ayurveda and is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
Where the reader or any other person has chronic and/or dire health issues, it is advisable to consult a trained and certified medical practitioner for a complete and comprehensive diagnosis which can address the underlying issues effectively.
Recova Life and its constituents are also certified medical practitioners who can be consulted. Our numbers are +91 83800-16119 and Email ID atul@recovalife.com
With respect to the consumption of any herbs, fruits, vegetables and the likes mentioned here, it would be advisable where you consult a certified medical practitioner for his/her opinion before-hand.

Madhura Bhide
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