Ancient Ayurveda to the rescue of Modern Lifestyle!

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Ancient Ayurveda to the rescue of Modern Lifestyle!

The next time you pop in an antacid pill or a pain-killer, remember it is just that- a killer! It may not kill right there but a sustained lifestyle with continued activities like pill-popping, drinking quick-fix solutions, working hard, eating harder and partying ever harder would if not controlled on time and in measurable ways, take you to a point of no return. You would, end-up on top of a precipice staring down at the sheer fall, your downfall!

The “modern lifestyle” may seem fairly recent to us but a decadent lifestyle was prevalent all along though in different forms. And our good luck that we had a few Sages and Rishis who with a sense of detachment observed it even then and came up with long-term cures which from then is called “Ayurveda”, the cure for longevity.

Far from a one-size-fits-all approach, Ayurveda observes each case on its own merits and suggests changes which includes lifestyle-changes like eating as per season to calm the three founding elements called the Doshas, eating as per an individual’s constitution, maintaining a strict regime of exercise and exertion which again is season and person-based and meant to supplement blood flows, digestion besides helping pump out toxins, and last (and not the least!), meditation to be one with our elements! Besides these, the manner in which one spend one’s days in each season, one’s behaviour with the world at large etc too are issues that affect health and a subject of change as per Ayurveda.

Dr Madhura Bhide’s sessions at Recovalife shall help you decode some of Ayurveda’s priceless ways to bring meaningful changes in your existing lifestyle so that you live better lives from now on! Her experience of over 2 decades has been instrumental in her designing highly individualized cures for her patients.

If it is long-term health solutions you desire, Recovalife is where you ought to be. From here-on begins RECOVA LIFE!

For details of sessions, please visit

Date – 13th Oct 2018
Time – 9am – 5pm
Address – Hotel Lakme, Off F.C Road, Ghole Road, Opp. Suzuki Showroom, Shivajinagar, Pune 411 005

Disclaimer :

This article is meant solely to provide information about remedies under Ayurveda and is not meant to be used for diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.
Where the reader or any other person has chronic and/or dire health issues, it is advisable to consult a trained and certified medical practitioner for a complete and comprehensive diagnosis which can address the underlying issues effectively.
Recova Life and its constituents are also certified medical practitioners who can be consulted. Our numbers are +91 83800-16119 and Email ID
With respect to the consumption of any herbs, fruits, vegetables and the likes mentioned here, it would be advisable where you consult a certified medical practitioner for his/her opinion before-hand.

Madhura Bhide
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