Late Dr. Madhav Sane, his life, goals, achievements and thoughts continue to inspire all at Recova Life.

He was and continues to be a distinguished name in the fraternity of Ayurvedic practitioners and those who swear by Ayurveda as the only way to live life in all its glory.

Recova Life and all its constituents deeply admire its inspiration Late Dr Madhav Sane and all the Sages and Rishis before him who by way of love for humanity and a passion for research, found and documented solution for most ailments based solely on plants, herbs and roots found in the surrounding environment. Like them, Recova Life shares a passion for research and a search for excellence in Ayurveda and related forms of medical care and assistance.

At Recova Life, we help humanity come back to health in nature’s way as prescribed in Ayurveda. To this end we envisage highly-individualized group sessions of 1 to 3 days where Diet, Exercise and Medication are prescribed in the backdrop of our experiences and knowledge of Ayurveda. Informative and interesting it would be. But most of all, it would be very interactive!

Bearing the legacy of Late Dr. Madhav Sane and in making Recova Life a household name in Ayurveda would be its team, including Dr. Madhura Bhide and Shri Atul Bhide who are uniquely placed to do so given their lineage, experience and sheer passion in helping people Recovalife.

Helping Dr. Madhura Bhide at Recova Life in her mission to make Ayurveda the preferred mode of treatment for life’s medical issues would be Shri Atul Bhide. With a background in Finance and an avid interest in sports and meditation, his presence would be of great help to the team in perceiving issues from critical non-medical angles.

To “RE-DISCOVER” health in the presence of Nature’s bounties, we welcome you to Recova Life, the only place of its kind!

Dr. Madhura Bhide

MD (Ayurved)

Dr Madhura Bhide holds a post-graduate degree in Ayurved. Dr Bhide is a renowned physician practicing for last more than 20 years who is carrying on mantle of Late Dr.Madhav D. Sane, a great Ayurvedic physician and academician. Her expertise in the field has given new life to many patients suffering from chronic diseases. She is widely recognised for her role in social awareness about Ayurved, diet and lifestyle in all the sectors of the society. She has been speaker at various forums providing ayurved knowledge to upcoming doctors. She represents company at various media events such as radio, television programs.

Mr. Atul Bhide

Wellness Coach

Mr. Atul Bhide is a Chartered & Cost accountant with more than 20 years’ experience in corporate finance, accounting and good corporate governance practices. In addition to managing responsibility of the company’s finance function, Mr.Bhide is responsible for the production, corporate functions, corporate communications, strategic planning and information systems. Currently, he is in charge of Dynamic Remedies Pvt. Ltd. & UV Ayurgen Pharma Pvt. Ltd. His dream is to take Dynamic Remedies to the topmost niche in the field of Ayurvedic medicines. Apart from business activities, he is passionate about exercise, meditation and lifestyle modification. He is also Certified Wellness Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach.