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Doctor Consultation

If you think Ayurveda is just about making a paste of herbs and applying or consuming it, you could be in for some nasty surprises. Agreed, it helps in some cases. But when it is about serious lifestyle changes, it’s time to call the Doctor for an appointment. Dr Madhura Bhide at Recova Life is the right person to approach!


With a background which includes being trained under one of India’s foremost Ayurvedaycharya, Dr (Late) Shri Madhav D. Sane, her father, 20+ years of experience handling all types of cases including terminal and last-stage ones and the skill to handle patients at two clinics in Pune, she has all the right qualities and experiences to enhance lives of every patient!  

Do visit our clinic and put an end to your problems.


Ayurveda gauges the physical condition(s) of a person based upon the latter’s existing situation against the three humours which make life ie. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. One of the best ways to get an accurate reading of these three essential humours is by doing a “Nadi Pariksha” or “Pulse Analysis”. The three fingers of our hand, namely the index finger, the middle finger, and the ring finger are placed on the wrist of the person being examined. If your Ayurveda Doctor is as good as Ayurvedacharya, Dr Madhura Bhide with as much experience, such a “Nadi Pariksha” can easily diagnose with a high degree of accuracy conditions including those associated with physical, mental and emotional imbalances.


On the issue of examination under Ayurveda, “Nadi Pariksha” is also one of the most effective ways to gauge one’s “Prakruti (Constitution)”, the Ayurvedic equivalent of an extensive examination of every aspect of a person in medical terms right from his/ her past (before birth), conditions at birth, upbringing circumstances, likes and dislikes etc to name a few. A correct “Nadi Pariksha” goes a long, long way in accurately examining one’s “Prakriti (Constitution)” which leads to precise treatment.

For the Nadi Parikshan which guarantees the right diagnosis and cure for a lifetime of happiness and health, visit Dr Madhura Bhide at RecovaLife. Call on 8380016119 for an appointment.

Lifestyle Modification Workshop

What do you do when you hit a dead-end? You curse your luck. Or you turn around and look for alternatives! Something similar is happening with lifestyles and living these days. Constantly surrounded by things that make sense (money, material, machines, and yes morons too!) is turning our lives on its head. We seem to forget what we live for, what our goals and ambitions in life are and where we would like to see ourselves with time. Add to this the pressures of performance. What we then get is frustration and a constant feeling of being incomplete. Easy food, easy entertainment and a general easiness to life is slowly turning us into sloths whose bodies and minds work at less than optimal levels.


In short, our lifestyles brought us to a dead-end from where there is only one way ahead: A complete and radical change in lifestyles with changes and additions  in diet, exercise and meditation. At Recova Life’s Lifestyle Modification Workshops, we help you do just that. And best of all, you do it under the age-old premise of Ayurveda, the one treatise which has seen lives change over millenias with simple yet profound changes to life!

Meditation Workshop

A reflection is the best way to see how one look. And the mind reflects upon its thoughts and actions by meditation.


With so much happening around us constantly, the act of reflecting upon one’s actions and thoughts vis-à-vis situations, reactions and thoughts do not take place at intervals as desired. We are today bombarded by information and are expected to react to things instantly – mostly without much thought. Repercussions and implications when they arise can then bring us face to face with painful realities about which we have no clue.


The answer to this apparent lack of reflection on our part in the 21st century is to go back in time and do what our ancients did. Meditate and reflect upon one’s thoughts and actions and then make an informed decisions.


At Recova Life, we tell you all about the various types of meditations and how to master them at the earliest so that participants live life to the fullest without stress and regrets.

Online Prakruti Analysis

Ayurveda never prescribed medicines to be produced in bulk. And that is so because no two humans despite apparent similarities, can ever be alike. Medicines, as per Ayurveda have thus to be made as per one’s “Prakruti”, the nearest English equivalent of which is nature or characteristics.


At Recova Life we understand this fact and are ready to give you a brief overview of your body-type and what may most likely help you in your present condition. For the same, you need to fill in relevant details such that our Doctors and Specialists conduct a thorough study of your Prakruti besides suggesting relevant do’s and don’t.


In any case, we welcome you to our clinics whenever you so feel for a face-to-face consultation!


Know your body-type & what medication suits you best with “Prakruti Analysis”!

Suvarna Prashan Sanskar

One of the sixteen ‘Sanskar’ (rituals) which described in ancient Indian scriptural. Suvarna Prashan is a unique method of immunization which helps the children to boost up the usage of brain capacity and produces non specific immunity in body to fight against general disorders.


What are the benefits of Suvarna Prashana ?
Increases immunity
Enhances Memory
Improves digestion and metabolism



Who Should take Suvarna Prashana ?
It should be given to children from 1st day of birth to 12 years old.
We conduct Ayurvedic Suvarna Prashan Sanskar at our clinic on every Pushya nakshatra.


January 28 (Thursday), February 25 (Thursday), March 24 (Wednesday), April 21 (Wednesday), May 18 (Tuesday), June 14 (Monday), July 11 (Sunday), August 08 (Sunday), September 4 (Saturday), October 1 (Friday), November 25 (Thursday), December 22 (Wednesday)

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Ayurveda provides the perfect care for diabetes!

To know more, buy a copy of “HEALTHY RECIPES FOR DIABETICS” now available at Recova Life’s clinic at Aundh & Shivajinagar!

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